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Bicycle Accidents in Phoenix Arizona


Bicyclists are especially vulnerable to injury accidents because of their exposure to cars and relative lack of protection. Statistics show that the most common types of accidents involving bicycles are when the cyclist either gets hit by the opening door of a parked car or injured by another vehicle driving past him. There are also several cases where the cyclist is struck by a vehicle while making a right turn.


All cyclists are granted the same rights as any other driver of another type of motor vehicle. In Arizona, cyclists follow what is called the “side of the road” rule, requiring cyclists to drive at the farthest right side of the road if there is no designated lane for bicycles.


There are various methods for injured bicyclists to be compensated. The most common method is a recovery from the insurance company of the automobile that struck the bicyclist. If the driver has no insurance it is possible to be compensated from your own uninsured motorist coverage. Many auto insurance policies will cover you if you were on a bicycle or while walking.


If you are in a bicycle accident, you should try and maintain as much evidence as possible. Keep a record of factors that led to the accident, photos of the injuries, photos of damages to the bicycle, and names of witnesses.
To make a bicycle accident claim with the insurance company a demand letter is filed. The demand letter includes all of the above information and all of your medical records, medical bills and wage verification when work is missed by the victim. The demand letter points out the facts that will support the victims claim. If the insurance company does not respond with a sufficient settlement offer, then our firm is prepared to go to trial to ensure you are compensated for your injuries.


A bicycle accident can result in several types of injuries such as a broken wrist, concussion, ligament injury, head injury, back injury or brain injury. The total damages from the bicycle injury include the medical expenses, loss of opportunities, time away from work and physical rehabilitation. The bicycle accident settlement amount is usually a multiple of the total damages that depends on the circumstances of the injury.

To preserve your claim be sure to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Our attorneys offer free consultations and no fees until settlement or resolution at trial.

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